Professional Radio Station Software

Sam Broadcaster Pro – The #1 software for Radio Automation: Try SAM Broadcaster for FREE to start your very own internet radio station

Sam DJ – Try SAM DJ for FREE and host your own party like a pro!

Virtual DJ – VirtualDJ is the application that DJs use when they want to use a computer to play their music.


Professional Radio Station Equipment

Radio Broadcast PC – This unit allows station programmers to switch to an online (cloud based) broadcasting service to a live broadcast stream seamlessly. This unit in a mobile laptop build, has the ability to broadcast live from any location, worldwide, that has internet access. For more information on this product visit:

Studio In A Box – This solution is needs only an empty space. It provides everything else, including broadcast furniture, server configuration, hosting, distribution, a full suite of mobile apps, professional lighting and more. For more information on this product please visit: Click Here For More Information


Professional Online Radio Station Hosting

Sam Broadcaster Cloud – SAM Broadcaster Cloud is a powerful CLOUD internet radio broadcasting solution. Your radio automation software – from the cloud. Try SAM Broadcaster Cloud. Start your very own internet radio station from only $5

Online Radio Pro – Online Radio Pro a great solution for online cloud auto dj. Online Radio Pro provides radio automation, scheduling, multiple streams on one server and custom mobile apps for your radio stations.


Mobile App Development

Easy App Makers-  Best Apps & Mobile Sites Builder. Make Apps Easily For iOS, Android, Kindle and Mobile Sites With No Coding Experience. To Build Your App For Free Now, Click Here.


Radio Royalties

Stream Licensing- U.S. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, & SoundExchange, Internet Radio Stream Licensing™.You can get your Internet Radio Station legal today!


Websites & Domains – Build Your Own Website For $7! Click Here For More Infomation.


Station Imaging

Audio Brand Central – These custom, instrumental-only tracks were originally created for broadcast stations with production budgets costing thousands. Now, they are priced for even the smallest Internet radio station or Web media project…. but still with a very expensive sound. Click Here For More Information

Music Radio Creative- Over the years Music Radio Creative has grown to become the industry’s leading audio provider for radio, DJs and podcasters. It is a family run business with big heart and aspirations. Click Here For More Information


Music Pools

iDJPool- iDJPool, it is a fantastic and professional record pool that we’re sure many of our customers could benefit from. It provides an exceptional MP3 music subscription service to all DJs (Radio – Mixshow – Club – Mobile) looking to stay on top of the latest songs in many genres (Dance – Rock – Pop – Urban – Country – Latin – Top 40 – Holiday). Just think! You could have access to songs before they’re even officially out, and since iDJPool updates their music collection daily, new songs are available on a very frequent basis. Get even more information about joining this excellent record pool by visiting their website.

Franchise Record Pool – Franchise Record Pool has grown to become the largest and most advanced music promotion service for Record Labels, Artists and DJs. Franchise Record Pool is built on years of innovation offering features such as unparalleled search & navigation, mobile interaction & downloading, live play tracking and feedback reporting, and last but certainly not least FRP TV, our Live online streaming TV network for the ultimate Artist and DJ exposure.

My Mp3 Pool –  As a registered member, you have unlimited MP3 Download access to hundreds of new tracks every month. Get multiple versions of each track including radio, dirty, instrumental, acapella and 8 bar intro.


DJ City-  Established in 2000, DJcity is the world’s leading subscription-based digital record pool for DJs – delivering new music to thousands of members every day. By focusing exclusively on selecting the most relevant music, DJcity has positioned itself as the most trusted and respected site where DJs discover new music including mixshow and club-ready versions. Membership is limited to professional DJs, and many subscribers are influential hosts, MDs and PDs in the nation’s top markets.


Video Broadcasting Software

Wirecast – Easily train volunteers to use Wirecast to switch between multiple cameras, add graphics and even record a version for on-demand viewing.

Open Broadcast Software (OBS)- Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

Live Streaming System -The Live Streaming Systems gives you the latest technology in on location live streaming without the need for additional broadcasting components, no computers needed. Broadcast from multiple cameras in HD, you can even use chroma keying right from the system. Check out The Live Streaming System Packages


Radio Stations For Schools

RadioK12 – This unique student based broadcasting platform teaches high school and middle school students the business of online radio, as well as how to broadcast their own radio shows. The curriculum included with the course is perfect for trade based high schools or after school programs. Students also learn about the vast array of associated broadcast careers, including sale director, programming manager, music director, advertising executive, engineer, and director of promotions.


Reseller Programs

Online Radio Reseller – The Online Radio PRO reseller seems to be one of the most robust reseller programs on the market. It includes a turn key website, live broadcast support for your clients, and a android (Google PLAY) mobile app. For more information on this product visit: