4 Ways to Make Money in Online (Internet) Radio

4 Ways to Make Money in Online (Internet) Radio

4 Ways to Make Money in Online Radio

For many of you, online radio is a hobby – a fun way to share your love of music with the world. For others, it’s big business bringing in millions every year.

Between these two extremes are a large number of web radio producers just like you. Some of them eek out just enough money to cover their costs, while others make enough to be professional webcasters. These people drive income in a number of different ways.

1- Sponsorships

Just because in-stream advertising is complicated doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some sort of advertising model directly into your broadcast product. On-air sponsorship isn’t an advertisement, it’s more of an endorsement.

In its simplest form, sponsorship involves asking a business owner to pay you to mention their product or service on your station a certain number of times.

You may need to conduct some research to figure out how much you can charge for this type of sponsorship. Business owners want a return on their investment — that is, they want their sponsorship to bring in more sales. How can your station help them reach their goals? Often on-air calls-to-action are successful. For example, announcing special events or pricing deals. Figure out what your station can do to help businesses reach their sales goals and price your sponsorships accordingly.

2- Display ads

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