Training For Station Owners

Running a radio station can be hard work. Our team has laid out detailed courses that show you how to set up your business correctly and generate the maximum amount of income available in that field.

Training For On-Air Personalities

As a radio station on-air personality there are things you can do that will make you stand out and have a loyal following.

Training For Sales Representatives

Generating revenue through sales is the number one way a radio station stays in business. Our training courses are taught by sales reps that generate well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in sale revenue.

Training For Marketing Teams

Having a great team that understand the trends of your demographics will help you maximize on all the opportunities available to make your brand a house

Training For Radio Station Engineers

Learning how to operate and run a radio station can be daunting. Our senior trainers have decades of experience building and running high end online radio stations. They break down everything and engineer may encounter along the way and how to over come it.

Control Pace Learning

Our courses are set up so you can go at your own pace and always go back to recap. Whether you are 1 person or 100 people, the courses are set up to teach you through visual learning and benchmark learning that will help you grow in your area of expertise.

Every Successful Online Radio Station Has An Educated Team At The Helm.


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Success Starts With In-Depth Training & Resources

Learn how to take what you have, create great content for your listeners, manage everything from schedules to clients, and sell from all six revenue categories that are built into your station.


Learn From The Best Teachers

Our trainers have been teaching in the industry for over 20 years combined and have accumulated thousands of hours of real life application in online media. They have literally written the book on how to best use online media to successfully expose your message and increase revenue above six figures per radio station. Their clientele base is a variety of high profile clients, international delegations, non profits, corporations and US public school systems.

Build Your Station, Your Brand, And Your Income.

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